Total commitment – References

“Thank you, it was very nice. We enjoyed it very much!”

„Really good Filmlocations…“ 

“It’s incredible how the multi-faceted yield of shooting directions can be in a single location…”

“Most vignette-friendly location in Vienna with great support,
incredible variety and all within walking distance!”

“I like it more and more.”

” Shooting film instead of changing motifs”

„At this place you always find a bed”

„My favorite jazz place“

„Nothing beats the beauty of shooting in this huge asymmetrical space.“

“It’s great at the FILMQUARTIER VIENNA! Never shot so many sets in one day!” – Note: 13 vignettes in 1 day

“The Filmquartier Vienna offers diverse and professional film locations that meet all the requirements and settings for a successful shoot. The support is pleasantly uncomplicated. Plus the positive atmosphere of the operators and even a really good espresso from the Padrone himself.

Thank you and see you soon!

“Whether it’s location, furniture, mirrors or light – at the
Filmquartier you will not be disappointed
If need and longing is also on the man –
You’ll always get there on time
The service is top-notch and the price is reasonable.
Locations, the fundus and the boss are always cool
Every package is unsurpassed –
the boss is a friend, the world is drunk”.

“We always like to shoot there, the fund is tangled but incredibly lush.”

“You can feel good here and even the acting becomes borderline good.”

“Holger thinks it’s cool here.”

“A great place here!”

“I always enjoy being here”

“It’s actually better in the Filmquartier than in Berlin.”

Let me tell you something.

“Good motifs, pleasant atmosphere and really good film location support”.

“This place is good, I’d love to live there!”

“I’ve always found the combination of exciting locations and a seemingly never-ending supply of props to be casual. So casual, in fact, that I now even have my office in the FILMQUARTIER.”

“I’m not here for nothing!”

“Optimal care – always friendly and competent. I like to come back again and again.

“Great place here, really fun”.

“Yes, it’s always a pleasure to shoot with you. Good luck for the future!”