All questions and details about our locations for film & photo, events, seminars and pop-up stores at FILMQUARTIER Vienna


AVALABILITY: FILM-/EVENT LOCATIONS: or send a text message to +43 699 12111617

APARTMENTS: For our apartments as film locations see the selection „FLATS“

ACCESS: By foot, public transportation, or car. FILMQUARTIER VIENNA is situated between the U4 subway stations Kettenbrückengasse and Pilgramgasse. Nearby, you’ll find the bus lines 13A, 12A, 14A, as well as 59A. For schedules, refer to “Public Transportation.”

ANIMALS: Yes, our green inner courtyard is also home to our to mountain goats Leo & Susi, our three american mini pigs as well as two black sheep alongside butterflies and bees! Our pigs are fed with vegetarian organic feed from Austria, as well as organic waste and vegetarian leftovers from events and film shoots.


BIKE RENTAL: Wien Mobil bike rental stations are within walking distance, such as Pilgramgasse station, Margaretenplatz station, and Kettenbrückengasse station. Easy rental and return at over 200 stations in Vienna. Information available at WIEN MOBIL.

BOOKING: When booking, a package deal is possible for bookings that include a minimum of 2 film locations! FILMQUARTIER WIEN can accommodate up to 100 sets, with up to 15 film sets per day for vignette films.

When making a reservation, kindly specify your preferences for additional rooms to accommodate peripherals such as actors, makeup, wardrobe, catering, and extras. For instance, you may choose the SILENT LOFT additional room 1, BAR (25 m²), and additional room 2, LOFT (50 m²).


CATERING: Durstwaren & Catering can provide you with snacks & drinks, more elaborate caterings can be arranged through our partner “ISSMICH!” However, catering is not mandatory! There are several restaurants in the immediate vicinity, as well as supermarkets. Self-catering is also not a problem in our locations, if that is what you wish for.

CAR ACCESS: Pilgramgasse towards Margaretenplatz, turn left, then take the first left onto Strobachgasse. Turn right at the last large entrance before Schönbrunner Straße. (Entrance gate to the right of the SPAR supermarket.)

CLOAKROOM: Coat rack and sufficient hangers are available in our locations!

CLOSING TIME: Out of consideration for our neighbours, all events must conclude by 11 p.m. (including dismantling). From 10 p.m., we kindly request reducing the volume of music and other activities to a quieter level.

COAT STAND: 10 pieces, including an ample supply of hangers are available please specify number of pieces you need when making a booking!

CONTACT: or send a text message to +43 699 12111617

CONSULTATION: Our consultation appointments are non-binding, whether for administration, transport logistics, personnel, or props from our 1,000 m² extensive in-house collection. Standby props and personnel are available, please inquire.


DIE VERLEIHONKELS Our in-house collection of props – Props and antiques from many eras!

DECORATION in the large in-house approx. 1,000 m² historical fundus, all film props minus 30 % when booking a film location or location.

DIRECTIONS: By car or public transportation. FILMQUARTIER WIEN is located between the U4 subway stations Kettenbrückengasse and Pilgramgasse. Nearby are bus lines 13A, 12A, 14A, and 59A. For schedules, refer to “Public Transportation.”

DESIGN: Designs and fittings are possible by arrangement; Decorative items and props from our historic in-house collection are 30% discounted when you book a location!

DURSTWAREN & CATERING: Snacks and drinks, and upon request, even more – organic products, straightforward and affordable. Inquiries can be made directly via email to or inquire at FILMQUARTIER VIENNA.


ENQUIRIES AND INFORMATION: browse our website and contact us via email:! Or end a text message to +43 699 12111617 when it is urgent

ENVIRONMENTAL LABEL: Yes, we are officially certified as a green and sustainable company! Find our environmental label – guest information sheet for customers, visitors, and suppliers here.


FILM LOFT: 170 m² film/seminar/event location for presentations / events / seminars / team & company events.

FLATS / FILM FLATS: For all our flats see Selection „FLATS“

FILM PROPS: We have our own extensive 1,000 m² props and antiques collection in the building; all props come at a 30% discount when you book with us!

FILMQUARTIER VIENNA: That’s us, in the heart of Vienna! Browse our website to find out more.

FINAL CLEANING: EUR 100 per loft/location. Additional costs for heavy soiling starting from EUR 39 per hour. Normal final cleaning for our larger locations, SILENT LOFT, GRAND LOFT, and FILM LOFT also comes at a flat fee of €100.

FOOD: 3 supermarkets and 7 restaurants (e.g. THELL (former MOTTO), ON or Meinklang Hofladen) in the immediate vicinity; the Vienniese Naschmarkt is within 5-7 minutes walking distance.

FREE: heating and electricity are of course included / security gurards in the evening (from 05.00pm to 11.00pm).


GRAND LOFT: One of our biggest location! 210 m² film/seminar/event location for your ideas and events.


HEATING: The heating of all our locations is included in the price. Please inform us at least one day in advance of your specific temperature requirements, if you have any! (e.g. YOGA workshop).

HIGH TABLES: please indicate the number of tables you would like to have when you book ! Cost: € 15,- / high table.


INDOOR LOCATIONS: To view our indoor locations, see Selection „INDOOR“

INNER COURTYARDS: Both our inner courtyards are available for rent when booking SILENT LOFT, GRAND LOFT, FILM LOFT, or any other film location at FILMQUARTIER VIENNA. Adjacent to the GRAND LOFT, you’ll find the second smaller green courtyard (approximately 100 m²) offering tranquility and fresh air.

INFO: Should anything remain unclear, do not hesitate to contact us via

INFRASTRUCTURE: The central location facilitates our employees in terms of childcare through schools and kindergartens (e.g., Commercial Schools of BFI, City Kindergarten 1050, etc.) in the vicinity. Numerous medical facilities (Pediatric Practice Schlossquadrat, Zahnwelt, Ordination5, etc.), the nearby police station, and the District Office 4/5 contribute to the excellent infrastructure. Pedestrian and cycling paths are well-developed, providing direct access to the city center or, for instance, the main train station through various routes. The FQ team is at your service for more information!


LOFTS: To view all our loft, click here to see our Selection „LOFTS“

LUNCH: There are several supermarkets as well as restaurants (e.g THELL and ON)  in the immediate vicinity (four restaurants in the nearby Schlossquadrat). If you need help with catering, reach out to us or head directly to our partner “ISSMICH!“.


MAKE-UP TABLES: 3 illuminated makeup tables are available – please specify the quantity when booking! The cost is €50 per table.


NO WAY: There is almost nothing we cannot do, we swear!

NO SINGLE-USE DISHWARE: Single-use dishware is not provided at FILMQUARTIER. Instead, we offer multi-piece dish and cutlery sets, as well as various glass sets. We also kindly request that you refrain from bringing any disposable cutlery on your own – the environment appreciates it!


ORDER: We value order and cleanliness! Returning locations in a proper condition means saving additional cleaning costs. Head to Final Cleaning to learn more about our fees.

OUTDOOR LOCATIONS: To view all our outdoor locations, see the Selection „OUTDOOR“


PARKING PLACES: 3-5 truck parking spaces available: Daily rates for cars €20 and trucks €30 (only daily rates possible). Please specify the desired quantity when booking! Truck spaces must be booked at least two days in advance. If possible, please use public transportation.

PARKING GARAGE: The nearest parking garage, Mittersteig, is approximately 650 meters away (about 8 minutes on foot). If possible, please consider arriving by public transportation.

PRICE LIST: Find our prices directly on the webiste, in an overview here: LOCATIONS Pricelist or contact us. We only offer half-day or full-day prices for our locations!

PERIPHERAL ROOMS: Don’t worry, we have enough additional rooms available for your needs – just ask for peripheral rooms for actors / extras / make-up / wardrobe / catering etc.

PROPS: Access a diverse range of items from our in-house prop and antiques collection, including event equipment like sofas and bar tables, in substantial quantities (enjoy a 30% discount on props when you book a location with us).

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: The subway connections U4 Pilgramgasse or U4 Kettenbrückengasse are each a 5-minute walk away. Additionally, in close proximity, there are the buses 59A, 12A, 13A – leading directly to the main train station, as well as 14A. Schedules are available at the FQ office, where you can find information and assistance. Please make use of the excellent public transportation options and, if possible, refrain from using a car! Ample bicycle parking spaces are also available on the premises.


SILENT LOFT: Our 150 m² film/seminar/event location for your ideas, presentations and events.

STANDBY PROPS: Standby props can be reserved for an extra fee – please indicate your preference when you make a booking. We are home to an extensive film props and antiques collection (1,000 m²) on-site, which facilitates set design!

SET-UP AND DISMANTLING DAYS: For set-up and tear-down days in the locations, a 30% discount on the daily rental of the respective location applies. Package deals negotiable for bookings of 2 days or more.

SPORTS & LEISURE FACILITIES:  Due to its central location, customers and staff can easily enjoy sports and leisure activities beyond FILMQUARTIER. In the immediate vicinity, you’ll find the John Harris Fitness Studio, Training Park ISW, as well as the Filmcasino, and more.

SUSTAINABILITY: In recent years, we have transformed approximately 500 m² of asphalt ground in the courtyard of FILMQUARTIER VIENNA  into lush vegetation. Quite literally, we’ve brought it to life from the ground up. Nowadays, our green courtyard is home to not only colourful vegetation, but also our animals!

Abundant grass, numerous herb patches, cherry and apple trees, palms, and fig trees have become a haven for countless butterflies and bees. Our palms and the many herbs are a visual delight and contribute to clean air, complete with the early morning serenade of birdsong.

Take a look at our sustainability concept!


TEAM FILMQUARTIER: Our international, multilingual (DE, EN, IT, SH, PL), and multicultural team is always available to assist our customers. We are happy if you are happy!

TRANSPORTS: We pick up and return your items for photo shoots or film recordings, for example. (Large IVECO bus available.)

TRUCK PARKING: Up to 5 truck parking spaces are at your disposal, with a daily rate of €30. The location is centrally situated and easily accessible, near Naschmarkt, and well-connected via public transport, including U4. Car parking is also available – kindly specify your needs when making a reservation!


UNDERGROUND: FILMQUARTIER VIENNA is conveniently situated midway between the U4 Kettenbrückengasse and U4 Pilgramgasse subway stations at 1050 Schönbrunner Strasse 31. Additionally, nearby bus stops include 13A and 59A.


VIGNETTE FILMS: In 2014, we achieved a record of 17 film sets in a single day (BIPA 2014). In subsequent years, we continued this success, collaborating with IKEA in 2016 and HOFER supermarket in 2017, each resulting in 13 sets in a single day. => To quote cameraman Martini: “Vignette-friendly location in Vienna with great support”.

VENUES: Head to our “About us” section on the website to get an overview of all the locations we offer!

VERLEIHONKELS: Our in-house props collection is available daily from 10.00am to 15.00 for enquiries as well as on site.

VISITATION and VIEWINGS: Come and visit us! Explore our appointment options without any obligation. Immediate service is available daily from 10:00am to 15:00. You can request an appointment through our website or directly via


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X-TRAS: Almost everything is possible! Due to the extensive in-house collection with thousands of film props and antiques, many possibilities are indeed feasible. Package deals are available for bookings of 2 or more film sets or locations.



YES YES: we also have 5 different ROOFS for various chases and escape scenes to rent as a film or photo location. We also have 6 staircases, several cellars and a garage, balconies, terraces and 2 courtyards.

* when renting a location at FILMQUARTIER VIENNA